Hong Kong Beat mobile disco chills out this Tuesday to the sounds of Latin jazz

Best way to enjoy a hot sunny day like today is to be sitting sipping ice cold caipirinhas on Rio’s Ipanema beach, but failing being able to do that, just close your eyes and listen to some soothing Brazilian jazz and bossa nova and let your memories (or imagination) do the rest.

Tuesday Chill-out brings (mostly) Brazilian jazz and bossa nova to the beach.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets freaky with some lascivious rock n rollers

Love has been a common theme for music since the days of blokes banging some rocks together. Sex in music has been around just as long, though maybe not sung about so obviously.

Rock and roll has been labelled as being the Devil’s music, being associated with lewdness and lasciviousness corrupting the purity of American youth… And that was just Elvis’ hips!

So for Monday Moods, here are a few rockers who have no qualms about telling it how it is, especially the wilder side of life.

This was part of a live set from a lady’s themed birthday party about a decade ago… Oh yes indeedy.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco quicksteps and foxtrots around the room with jazz crooners and divas

Sunday Selection this week dives into the smoke-filled, whisky glugging speakeasies of jazz crooners and divas, pulling out some classics and great voices from 6 decades of music, reaching back to the 1930s and bringing it up to the 90s.

Just what you need to spin around the dining room on a Sunday in your tails and patent leather pumps…

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents sixties soul sister girl groups

Continuing the 60s Soulful Saturday theme, this week it’s the turn of the phenomena that was the rise of the R&B girl groups.

Everybody’s heard of Diana Ross & The Supremes, probably Martha Reeves & The Vandellas too, but it wasn’t just about Motown. Phil Spector brought about the Ronettes and the Crystals, while many minor, as well as major soul labels like Chess and Atlantic, had their share of girl groups as well.

Kicking this set off with a cover of a Beatles cover of a Smokey Robinson song by, perhaps, the best known of the girl groups, and finishing with one of the first (credited anyway) successful girl groups, with some well-known and some not-so well-known tracks in between.

Get your beehive on…

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco brings back the beat with funky soul sisters this Funky Friday

Continuing the theme of funky music that I used to play in my residencies during the 70s, this week it’s the turn of the funky soul sisters to grab some dance floor attention.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its gallery and testimonials pages

New photos of recent parties at


and new testimonials at


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco drops dance pop for one of this week’s three kids parties.

Two out of three great kids parties so far catered for this week, with ages ranging from around 5 up to pre-teen.

This week for Thumping Thursday, Hong Kong Beat drops an extract from a mid-party 3 hour dance pop and pop rock live set recording, from a pre-teen school leavers party, including some requested tunes even older than their parents!


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco, revvin up the Beezas with some 60s Rocker’s favourites

The musical taste of the UK’s 60s Rockers movement was heavily influenced by 50s US rock and roll, and they developed their own ‘caff’ racer culture with legendary British motorcycles like the BSA Gold Star, Norton Triton and Triumph Bonneville.

This is part 3 of a 60s ‘Merseybeat, Mods and Rockers’ themed gig from a couple of years back, and couldn’t get any greasier.

Here, wipe yer hands on this…

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco drops some trip hop and ambient breakbeat to chill out to on a wet and overcast day

Forget the clouds and the rain, lay back and pop on some mood shifting atmospheric and experimental sounds of trip hop and breakbeat to chill out to this Tuesday.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets the money itch for this Monday Mood

If you have it, it’s a rich man’s World. If you don’t have it, it’s too tight to mention. Money can’t buy you love, but she’ll work hard for the money… The cause of so many different moods and the root of all evil. Money figures for Monday Mood this week.