Hong Kong Beat mobile disco pays tribute to Chris Squire, influential progressive rock bassist of Yes.

Whether you think 70s Brit progressive rock should be hailed as the new classical music or was just pretentious uni boys twaddle, it was nevertheless a power house that moved 60s hippie rock into more extrovert and experimental sounds, while still driving the rhythms and banging the rocks.

It widely influenced later music genres and many artists (for example, just listen to the growling bass on Motown’s ‘Love Machine’ by The Miracles, and compare it to Chris Squire’s lick on Roundabout, and tell me that was just coincidence), while the names of individual band members are as famous as the bands themselves: Chris Squire and Jon Anderson (Yes), Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Brian May and Freddie Mercury (Queen); to name just a few!

So, in memory of Chris Squire’s passing this week, and unlike the usual 30 minute/10 track or so format, this Wild Wednesday presents an extended set ignoring the record label defined limits of LP play time and numbers of tracks, just as the prog rock artists did back then.

Bang your head and turn the amp up to 11.

Artwork: Roger Dean tumblr_ml899gxO551qi1o4io4_1280

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