With flexibility in options, size and style of set-up, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is the perfect solution for those lazy summer parties, where you don’t want to be stuck inside a function room or ballroom, but want to let it out in the sun, or out on the water.

But why suffer the usual limitations of pre-recorded music sets on an tablet, or a friend randomly chucking out some tunes on his laptop, played over a low-output speakers, when Hong Kong Beat can provide a powerful, quality sound system utilising minimal space, and with the luxury of an experienced DJ to choose and expertly mix the tunes as the party and mood demands, whether it’s for the kids and teens while the adults chill with a few cold ones, or for everybody as the sun goes down and the party gets hotter?

Make the music go from being background to the forefront, and be one of the factors that lifts the party from being fun to memorable, so that your guests talk about it as The Summer 2015 Party.

You can learn more about the set up here that, even in its full format with sound and full standard package light show, can be set up in a mere 2 sq metres, less with a minimal lighting option – a small corner of your garden, patio, marquee, or boat deck. And, even if you just consider having only music delivery, the after dark party mood can certainly be enhanced with simple uplighting (example here), or powerful yet compact lighting effects as well, even in the tightest of spaces, as shown here!

If you’d like to know more about the style of music I play, take a look here.

Get in touch here, to discuss the possibilities.

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