Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets hot with a live set from the 2011 HK FCC Po Leung Kuk Charity Ball

Digging out a 2011 live dance set for Thumping Thursday this week.

This selection of house, electrohop and dance pop was the opening 30 minutes or so of a 2 hour set I played following the fabulous live performance of the Doobie Brothers at the HK Foreign Correspondent’s Club Po Leung Kuk Charity 10th Anniversary Annual Ball.

The Po Leung Kuk is a long established charity that helps children from underprivileged backgrounds get an education and progress in life beyond their meagre outlook, and has many successes of community and business leaders from within its charges.

The HK FCC holds an annual fund raising ball supporting the Charity, one that I also support and provided DJ services for, that showcases a big name live performer – of the ‘age’ known to the general audience of Western and Asian businessmen and philanthropists.

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