The biggest themed party event of the year, Halloween, is pressing it’s bloodshot eyes against the window, and rattling the door handle with it’s warty claws, so time to start planning a party to invite it in!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has the look and the effects needed to take your party decorations from great to outstanding, with a lighting set that can be themed to the look of the party, and set off with flame projection effects, UV lights, strobes and stinky smoke!

And of course, it isn’t just about the look, you need great music to make the party sizzle like the Devil’s BBQ.

With a music collection of Halloween related subjects amounting to more than 24 hours of continuous music, the playlist can be either strictly themed to Halloween subjects, or impact sets of horror tunes can be inserted in between more general dancing music. And just about all tastes in music can be catered for, whether it’s kids’ tunes, rock, pop, or club music, or a mixture of everything.

So, solve the puzzle and get Hong Kong Beat for your Halloween Monster Mash!

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