Hong Kong Beat mobile disco Halloween party 2014 part V

There’s something about seeing nuns, angels and succubi rocking out to scary rock and roll tunes at a Halloween party that makes it almost worth DJing for free 🙂

On that subject, check out the new package and fee options for different sizes of event and venue at my Disco Packages page.

Part V of last year’s Halloween bash music set from Hong Kong Beat.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its Disco Packages page

Hong Kong Beat has added some flexibility to the package and pricing structure, recognizing that some clients only want a music option for a few hours, and not the full big blowzy production of the full ‘standard package’ – which is now named the Party Package 🙂

Take a closer look at the Disco Packages page to see what is offered

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part IV

“Play something for us oldies!” Good coming from somebody actually younger than me… But sure 🙂 got to satisfy all tastes at the party!

Oldies set extract from Halloween party 2014.

Coming just after the kids set, it was great to see parents and grand parents up dancing with the kids. Rock & roll doesn’t care how old you are, as long as you’re young in heart 🙂

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part III

Question: What do teenage monsters drink at Halloween parties?

Answer: Ghoul-aid…

Ok, so the parents are getting stuck into the Jagermeister and Monster energy drink depth charges in the ‘adults area’ but the kids at the party need entertaining too.

Sure, bobbing apples, best-costume competition, zombie chase, make-up and balloon artists (I know some great ones I can put you in touch with!) and other game ideas can keep the attention of the little ones for a while, but you will need to throw in some kids Halloween-themed music that the ones who are too-cool-for-school – you know, pre-teens 😉 – will like as well.

Part III from last year’s Halloween, 40 minute spooky music set with special effects to keep the kids happy while the parents get zombified…

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part II

When people are arriving at your Halloween party, you have to greet them with more than Bloody Marys and Monster Squad depth charges to get the party going, well okay, not much more than that, but atmosphere is just as important and the right mood-setting music, lighting and effects gets the creepiness going long before Kevin from Accounts arrives in his Jimmy Saville costume…

Early evening mood setting tunes from 2014 Halloween party.

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco!

Extract from a past Halloween party gig, spreading the music across several genres but keeping in theme.

There’s more than just Thriller and The Monster Mash out there 🙂