Hong Kong Beat mobile disco celebrating the Oscars

Whether you’re a big fan of movies and award ceremonies or not, the Oscars always generate a lot of controversy, either for the nominations, the winners, the speeches, or even just the jokes!

One thing that is never controversial, however, is the music that is either written for, or used in, movies, and over the years there have been original scores by composers such as Howard Shore and John Williams that will sit, come the future, among the classical compositions of foregone generations.

But apart from original scores, popular music also complements the themes and settings of many movies with chart hitting songs, some of which become so iconic that they immediately conjure up scenes from the movie when you hear them: like Nilsson’s “everbody’s talkin’ at me” and a young John Voight in cowboy hat and tasseled leather jacket, shivering in the cold of a New York City street; or the opening strains of Andy Williams’ “speak softly love” counterpointing the brutal tragedy of the epic Godfather series.

So today Hong Kong Beat celebrates the Oscars by taking popular tracks from Best Motion Picture winners across almost 10 decades that were, or became, chart hits in their own right – and surprisingly only 19 winners have a place in this collection, though there are some movies, like Forrest Gump, that have soundtracks almost like a greatest hits collection.

See if you can spot the movies from the song, and which tune appeared in two winners 🙂

A little thesp on the side… HK Arts Festival

I’ll be adding to the bodies on stage in the HK Arts Festival production of Verdi’s opera ‘Simon Boccanegra’. Shows Friday 26 and Sunday 28 (matinee) February, and Tuesday 1 March 2016.

Come along and support the local arts!


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets its Latin heels on for some salsa and Latin pop!

Steaming end of night Latin set from a five-hour Latino birthday boy’s party at El Loco Gringo, Hong Kong, February 2016.

Another tequila shot? Whatever you say… aye, aye, aye, aye… si si senora!!!


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco celebrating Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a lost holiday for a Roman saint, a celebration invented by a bawdy Medieval writer, or a day manufactured to boost the sales of flowers, cards and chocolates, February 14th every year is a day for lovers to express their feelings – what they do with them the remaining 364 days of the year is a bigger question to me than the origin of the day, however.

Anyway, to help moon-struck lovers get their groove on, Hong Kong Beat offers some soulful romantic tunes from across 6 decades of pop and dance music about, as Barry White put it, lurrrvve baby.

Hong Kong Beat wishes all its friends, followers and customers Kung Hei Fat Choy for the Year of the Monkey (some PG18 lyrics)

Wishing everybody a healthy, wealthy and wise Year of the Monkey!