Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents Welsh popular artists for St. David’s Day

With a population equivalent to an average sized city, and known as the Land of Song, Wales certainly punches well above its weight musically, not only hosting internationally renowned annual music festivals but has also given birth to some of the finest classical operatic and choral voices, along with Welsh male voice choirs and brass bands from its valleys.

Some of the fine qualities of the Welsh voice and music writing talents have crossed over in to popular music, giving modern music perhaps three of its finest and strongest voices in Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and the late Harry Secombe – who also was also responsible for many of the voices in the iconic radio comedy of The Goon Show.

So, in celebration of St. David’s Day, the day of reverence for Wales’ patron saint, a dark ages bishop who legendarily gave rise to hills and mountains – another singularly representative aspect of Wales, a country of mountains, hills, valleys and beautiful rugged coastlines – Hong Kong Beat presents 90 minutes of pop and rock music from some of Cymru’s finest pop music sons and daughters.

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