DJ package

The DJ Package is suitable for events where the venue or client needs a DJ to supply music for background, mood or dancing, such as any of the events under the Party or Reception packages, and supplies the audio equipment (and gives express permission) for the DJ to connect to that equipment.

It is especially tailored towards parties being held in nightclubs, restaurants or bars with a suitable sound system where, due to space limitations, Hong Kong Beat is not able to use its own sound and lighting equipment.

Be aware though that the in-house audio systems of many hotel function rooms and restaurants are really only suitable for speech and light background music, so if a dancing party atmosphere is needed, may not be adequate for the DJ package. In such case, you might consider either the Party or the Reception packages.

The DJ Package includes –

  • DJ playing background, mood or dance music to meet your event needs.
  • DJ play-out equipment (typically laptop computer and digital controller).
  • Client and venue coordination service.

The DJ Package is priced per hour (minimum 4 hours) for a continuous period after 11 am and ending before 12 midnight. Longer duration, earlier start times, and later finishes are possible however extra charges may apply for additional hours, post-midnight extensions, 24 and 31 December, 1 January, or for events at venues in remote locations or with difficult access.

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