Other entertainment options

Perhaps you are looking for additional or theme based entertainment options as well? Or perhaps you are looking to organize a larger scale event with specific or varied entertainment ideas?

Perhaps you want to add something so unusual that it will compliment the creativity of the event, make your event stand out, or just solve seemingly impossible to overcome hurdles?

Additional effects and equipment can be provided at additional cost (on a case-by-case basis) for any of the packages and with enough notice –

  • Exterior, entrance and whole-room up-lighting
  • Environmental effects like dry-ice, bubbles, scented smoke/haze, and ‘pea-soup’ fog
  • Star and LED curtains
  • Focal spot-lighting (for highlighting a wedding cake for example)
  • Follow-spot lighting
  • Retro style hanging mirror balls

Through Hong Kong Beat’s extensive network, I can highly recommend the following performers or services or, if you prefer, make arrangement on your behalf –

  • Blues and classic rock band regularly performing at The Backstage and The Wanch.
  • Latin jazz funk band
  • Stand up comedian – Hong Kong based at the Take Out Comedy Club, and has performed in USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Silent disco.
  • Professional and renowned photographers and videographers.
  • Candy stall – a unique, very colourful and tasty experience!
  • Face and body painting.
  • Magicians and balloon artists
  • Hong Kong brewed draft beers. Finest kind. Hic!
  • Bagpipe and ceilidh musicians.
  • and, last but far from least, Santa!  If you are interested in booking Santa, just drop me a line and I will refer you direct (no, it isn’t me!)

In fact Hong Kong Beat can source acts and services of many different kinds, such as choirs, string quartets, soloists, pianists and choralists; bands such indie rock, Dixie jazz, rockabilly and  swing; top local house, drum and bass or club DJs; event locations; as well as event sound and lighting contractors.

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