Silent events

It works like this –

  • Your guests listen on high audio quality stereo wireless headphones to a broadcast on the same channel, or tune in or switch to separate channels broadcasting different music, languages, or information.
  • The advantage over the traditional museum style info wands and the typical conference room multi-channel headsets is not only the audio quality and comfort, but also because the voice track and/or music track can be delivered ‘live’ (as well as pre-recorded) and is customizable on the fly by the MC or DJ.

A few ideas of how the concept can be used to make your event a success, or just different enough to earn a place in memory and give you that edge –

  • Silent disco. Indoors, outdoors, tram, rooftop, patio… No noise… ‘Nuff said.
  • Mixed genre, mixed age, and multi-cultural music. Having a function with wide tastes in music? Silent disco is a great way to create an iconic function and satisfy diverse music tastes. Ideal for inter-cultural wedding dinners, bar/bat mitzvahs.
  • The Great Outdoors! Disco, fitness, theatre, dance, cinema, catwalk – on roof tops under the stars, at beach events, garden parties, poolside…
  • Viral marketing. Flash mobs, silent dancers… They’re all over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram… Except for yours.
  • Simultaneous language show. No awkward switching from one language to another language by the MC, or maybe even a different MC. All guests reached simultaneously. Fantastic solution for fashion or award shows.
  • Multi-product launch. Information provided on multiple products simultaneously as guests browse the show, or separate and unobtrusive soundtracks to different video ads being shown on separate screens.

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