Hong Kong Beat mobile disco chills with some acid jazz and rap for Tuesday Chill-out (some explicit lyrics)

Visiting Tokyo a few years back on a business trip, got talking to the owner of a beat club I was taken to by the business hosts and invited me to me play a 60 minute guest set from my laptop the next night. Found the playlist recently and thought I’d re-create the set.

Jazz… Nice.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco sinks into some smooth acid jazz for Tuesday Chill-out

Arising out of the UK’s 80s rare groove movement, acid jazz – a fusion of rare 60s and 70s jazz and R&B tracks, revitalised by DJs with new beats, and the acid house movement of the club scene – hit prominence as music style amongst London club goers in the late 80s/early 90s, who were looking for eclectic and more chilled out, often socially conscious, dance music “with a jazz thing” that they could either groove or just chill to.

As a music genre that was often confusing to listeners, because it seemed to encompass tracks that fit more neatly into rap, hip hop, jazz, soul or funk genres, it nevertheless spread to the US and around the World, especially to places with vibrant chill-out scenes such as Japan, Brazil and across Europe, becoming a music phenomena that launched the successful careers of a number of prominent neosoul and nu jazz bands and musicians.

However, it’s reign was short and by the mid 90s had become intertwined with other music genres, though it still has a hardcore following in many places and is still the best chill-out music for any time, any place 🙂

Acid jazz and hip hop set – Tokyo 2004

Was very lucky to be invited to do a guest spot at a beat club in Roppongi, Tokyo back in 2004 after I got talking to the owner about acid jazz.

Recently found the playlist and and recreated the set.

Hmmm, jazz… Nice 🙂