Great Summer Parties with Hong Kong Beat wedding and party disco, in a Latin and tropical mood

Pool splashes, junk trips, roof top chill out, garden bbqs … all good ways to celebrate summer. Add to that summer sounds selected to set feet moving, and you have a great summer party.

Hong Kong Beat recently served up a 60 minute mix of Latin and tropical rhythms, with a dash of pop, from current chart releases, for a junk party, and can still taste the mojitos listening to this 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco iconic kids tram party

Summer’s arrived in Hong Kong and many families return to their home country for holidays, or relocate for good. This means farewell parties for friends, especially at the end of school.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco recently played a very special summer birthday/farewell party for two pre-teen sisters; a very special party that they will never forget, a silent disco on an open-topped tram, trundling through Hong Kong’s busy streets. 30 girls dancing and singing along at the top of their voices, to music in their headphones, created quite an experience for them, and for the people in the streets and passing trams!

So here’s the soundtrack to that fun trip, and here’s to great memories of iconic parties!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets the handbags on the floor for 90s dance pop

So, you’re at a club, the music is banging and you want to dance, but what do you do with the handbags?

Not a problem for fellas, but for the ladies it’s always been the answer to just stick them on the floor in the middle of the group of girls, and dance around them, curiously usually to a particular kind of very poppy dance music, often involving boy bands and girl groups.

The 90s were a prime time for the music style, so Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents 90s handbag pop for Thumping Thursday 😀

Bacardi coke for me please Sharon!