Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco supporting #FoodRevolutionDay

Not about music or partying, but an issue I feel very strongly about as a parent of three kids who’s mother was such an inspiration with her nutritious and inventive meals, that it even inspired me to go beyond the boiled egg stage and to learn more about nutrition and health for their, and my, good after she passed on.

Despite the ‘rock star’ approach (which is perhaps becoming a bit jaded), this is a great cause. Poor nutrition for kids isn’t just a 3rd World problem, it’s a Worldwide epidemic. So please give it support, as we can all do something with our own families on a daily basis, instead of the usual clicktivism or ‘fire and forget’ donations.

As far as obesity is concerned – just part of the nutrition problem for kids – it’s caused, in part, by unaware parents feeding their kids junk food and poorly balanced meals because they don’t know any better, think they do not have time, that it costs more to feed them well, or don’t spend time educating their children to ignore peer and advertising pressure. All wrong and easily corrected.

A lot can be done if parents are just a little more aware of the issues and take responsibility for what they are, parents.

Please share it on social media, on your blogs anywhere, and spread the message.

#foodrevolutionday change.org/jamieoliver