Hong Kong Beat mobile disco grabs some old skool funk for Funky Friday

Going back to the funky vinyl days and grabbing a few tunes from the front of the ‘sorted by artist’ crate.

Funky Friday brought to you by the letters A and B 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco funkin’ it with 90s R&B for Funky Friday

The 90s brought a lot of change in music, in part due to the availability of electronic means of making music and, in a big part, the ability to sample old tracks. This was especially true in dance and R&B, where sampling older funk tracks in the 80s gave musical life to the street poetry of rappers.

R&B by the 90s had developed into several streams (rather than genres I would say), hip-hop/rap, new jack swing, neosoul, jazz-funk/soul-funk being what I would call the main streams.

Underlying all of these streams though were the funky rhythms and bass licks that the 90s R&B artists had grown up listening to with their parent’s music.

Here’s a little selection of funk infused 90s R&B tracks for Funky Friday.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco throws an 80s soul weekender

One of the great things about the UK music scene in the 80s was the diversity of styles and genres enjoyed by the party going generation.

Rising from the northern soul sub-culture with its all-nighters, was the funk, disco and jazz inspired soul music scene in predominantly southern UK clubs and, from those, all-nighters and weekender soul festivals, the brainchild of a couple of prominent soul club DJs.

Remembering the heady days of endless soul partying amongst hundreds, even thousands of like-minded ‘funkateers’, Hong Kong Beat presents part of 1 of 80s soul weekender for Funky Friday.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is firmly in the groove with 70s and 80s jazz funk

Last week’s offering of jazz funk looked across the decades from back in the 70s up until today.

This week for Funky Friday, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is firmly back in the groove with the 70s and 80s masters of jazz funk, with one particularly funky surprise inclusion!

Blow that horn.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets beardy with some jazz funk, for Funky Friday

Funky Friday gets a beard this week with an hour long segment of just 10 jazz funk tracks – they certainly know how to blow those horns.

mmm, jazz… Nice 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco plays that funky music for Funky Friday, white boys!

The first time I dropped Bowie’s ‘fame’ at my Saturday funk and soul residency in 1975, two things happened. First, a steady stream of people asking who the new killer track was by. Second, a stream of disbelieving people heading back to the dance floor thinking I was jiving them 🙂

As this was a few months before Wild Cherry laid down their famous meme for funky white boys everywhere, this was truly a shock to a lot of my funk fans, but still they danced. There’s no keeping feet still to good music.

And these were not just copying black musicians, among the blue-eyed soul and funky white boys are ones who’ve shaped R&B music, such as Rod Temperton of Heatwave who wrote major hits for Michael Jackson, Rock With You, Off The Wall and Thriller, all from one of the landmark R&B albums of all times.

So, for Funky Friday this week, Hong Kong Beat presents a few tracks by funky white boys – and girls – that, you know, make it funky.

Contemporary soul sisters join with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco to bring the funk to Funky Friday

While urban music has moved into many streams over the years: new jack swing, hip hop and rap, and their many off-shoots, sub genres and variations, the underlying funky groove still rises to the surface even in the latest charts through R&B as well as cross-over artists.

Having been looking at traditional 60s/70s/80s funky bands, brothers and sisters in previous weeks, this week Hong Kong Beat explores contemporary funk by soul sisters from the past 20 years or so.

With so many great tracks and voices to choose from, this week is a slightly extended Funky Friday.

Ain’t it funky now?

Artwork: http://lilblueyes52.deviantart.com/art/funky-lady-3886273

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco brings back the beat with funky soul sisters this Funky Friday

Continuing the theme of funky music that I used to play in my residencies during the 70s, this week it’s the turn of the funky soul sisters to grab some dance floor attention.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco digs out some rarities from funky bands for Funky Friday

Last week’s offering of funky bands left out so many good tracks from the 70s that were never far from the turntables in my residency, not so well known, but real shufflers and steppers with a groove, that I had to have a funky bands part 2 for this week’s Funky Friday.

70s funk bands from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco this Funky Friday

Last week it was funky soul brothers, this week for Funky Friday it’s the turn of the funky soul bands. 10 smoking tunes that were always on the playlist in my 70s residencies.