Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is firmly in the groove with 70s and 80s jazz funk

Last week’s offering of jazz funk looked across the decades from back in the 70s up until today.

This week for Funky Friday, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is firmly back in the groove with the 70s and 80s masters of jazz funk, with one particularly funky surprise inclusion!

Blow that horn.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets beardy with some jazz funk, for Funky Friday

Funky Friday gets a beard this week with an hour long segment of just 10 jazz funk tracks – they certainly know how to blow those horns.

mmm, jazz… Nice 🙂

Sultry jazz and blues divas for a simmering Sunday Selection from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

What better way to lazily get Sunday morning brunch going than with some jazz and blues classics from some of the best jazz divas, with an honourable mention of a new voice or two.

Artwork: jamesvannart.com

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco quicksteps and foxtrots around the room with jazz crooners and divas

Sunday Selection this week dives into the smoke-filled, whisky glugging speakeasies of jazz crooners and divas, pulling out some classics and great voices from 6 decades of music, reaching back to the 1930s and bringing it up to the 90s.

Just what you need to spin around the dining room on a Sunday in your tails and patent leather pumps…