Hong Kong Beat mobile disco getting spooky for Monday Moods

Halloween is creeping up on us again, so if you’re organising a party, whether for kids or adults, you need good music.

Add to that lighting and effects that Hong Kong Beat can provide set to enhance the mood, you have a spooky party to make things go bump, shake, rattle and roll, all night.

There’s nothing like a kids Halloween party for having fun with the song choices.

This is part of a Halloween kids party from 2014, dropping in some cartoon tracks, with more classic Halloween tunes, some scary sound FX and a little bit of mashed up classical music 🙂


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco exploring loneliness with dance and soul tunes for Monday Moods

Moving dance and soul set about being alone, for Monday Moods this week.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets happy with funk and soul on this overcast Monday

Monday Moods takes the gloomy overcast morning head on with a selection of funky, jazzy and soulful tunes about joy and happiness.

And without having to play ‘that’ song 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents creepy EDM stalker tracks for Monday Moods

Monday Moods this week presents an extract from live set for a Halloween party in 2014.

For such a dark subject, stalking and similar creepy feelings and moods are quite a popular subject for music. Makes you wonder what goes on in the heads of the artists.

This creepy extract crosses 4 decades of electronic dance music.

Don’t want to face Monday? Goof off with lazy songs from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

It’s Monday. There are deadlines, held over from Friday, to meet but, you know, whatever…

Exploring tunes about laziness and doing nothing for Monday Moods.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets freaky with some lascivious rock n rollers

Love has been a common theme for music since the days of blokes banging some rocks together. Sex in music has been around just as long, though maybe not sung about so obviously.

Rock and roll has been labelled as being the Devil’s music, being associated with lewdness and lasciviousness corrupting the purity of American youth… And that was just Elvis’ hips!

So for Monday Moods, here are a few rockers who have no qualms about telling it how it is, especially the wilder side of life.

This was part of a live set from a lady’s themed birthday party about a decade ago… Oh yes indeedy.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets the money itch for this Monday Mood

If you have it, it’s a rich man’s World. If you don’t have it, it’s too tight to mention. Money can’t buy you love, but she’ll work hard for the money… The cause of so many different moods and the root of all evil. Money figures for Monday Mood this week.

Feeling hot and freaky this Monday with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

With temperatures sizzling in the mid 30s today, Monday Mood gets hot and freaky too, with some dance-pop, funk, and hip-hop adult-only tunes.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets a little sad and teary for Moody Monday

It’s a recurring theme in so many songs; break up, fights, cheating, longing, grieving, heartbreak… Here’s a little selection from across the music spectrum to justify the chocolate box, bottle of wine, or a few fingers of single malt on a moody Monday morning.

PG18 mix from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco, getting a little frisky today for Monday Moods…

Few songs taken from a very specific themed party from a few years ago, remixed into a new set. Not suitable for children or, indeed, some adults…