Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets shaken, not stirred with spy theme music

I love theme parties because they give a great opportunity to dig out and spin music that just would never normally get played at the standard party, and of course there’s always the chance to dress up in theme!

Booked for a recent Austin Powers themed party, it gave me the chance to lay down some tracks from, and inspired by, iconic spy and detective movie and tv series from the past few decades, and there are a lot of cracking tunes to choose from.

So Hong Kong Beat presents shag-adelic International Men of Mystery, or music to get your mojo working.

For no reason other than I like them, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco brings you Brit crime caper movie music!

Tarantino is maybe the King of picking great music for the soundtracks of his movies, but with a smaller list of directorial credits, Guy Ritchie is maybe the Crown Prince, with his trio of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and RocknRolla, providing enough tuneage for a great night out on a caper…

Then it got me thinking, The Italian Job (no not the awful remake, the original with minis, Cockney rhyming slang and Benny Hill), Sexy Beast, Layer Cake, Buster, The Krays…  can all claim a good line in British tuneage to go along with a cheeky caper.

Iconic cars, antique shotguns, diamonds, gypsy camp sites, drug heists, hungry pigs, improbably named hard men, and laconic one-liners… the movie genre of British gangster movies has them all, as well as underlying black humour laced with matter-of-fact violence.

It was while watching RocknRolla (and wondering when the sequel is likely to come out) that made me realise the list of great tunes that Brit crime capers have brought to the silver screen, and decided it was time for Hong Kong Beat to cut the pony and let the dog see the rabbit. So, for no other reason than I like them, I present Hong Kong Beat’s tribute to Brit crime capers.

See if you can spot the films from the tunes (answers in the Mixcloud track list)

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco celebrating the Oscars

Whether you’re a big fan of movies and award ceremonies or not, the Oscars always generate a lot of controversy, either for the nominations, the winners, the speeches, or even just the jokes!

One thing that is never controversial, however, is the music that is either written for, or used in, movies, and over the years there have been original scores by composers such as Howard Shore and John Williams that will sit, come the future, among the classical compositions of foregone generations.

But apart from original scores, popular music also complements the themes and settings of many movies with chart hitting songs, some of which become so iconic that they immediately conjure up scenes from the movie when you hear them: like Nilsson’s “everbody’s talkin’ at me” and a young John Voight in cowboy hat and tasseled leather jacket, shivering in the cold of a New York City street; or the opening strains of Andy Williams’ “speak softly love” counterpointing the brutal tragedy of the epic Godfather series.

So today Hong Kong Beat celebrates the Oscars by taking popular tracks from Best Motion Picture winners across almost 10 decades that were, or became, chart hits in their own right – and surprisingly only 19 winners have a place in this collection, though there are some movies, like Forrest Gump, that have soundtracks almost like a greatest hits collection.

See if you can spot the movies from the song, and which tune appeared in two winners 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco goes to the movies with iconic rock movie anthems

First blogcast of 2016 finds Hong Kong Beat in a rocking mood, and inspired by digging back into some classic, and some raspberry blowing, movies from the past, digs out a little personal selection of iconic rock anthems from the movies.

And what a great idea for a party theme night!

Some of these were bigger success than the movies themselves!