Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets its Latin heels on for some salsa and Latin pop!

Steaming end of night Latin set from a five-hour Latino birthday boy’s party at El Loco Gringo, Hong Kong, February 2016.

Another tequila shot? Whatever you say… aye, aye, aye, aye… si si senora!!!


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco shakes the hips with Latin pop and pop salsa for Thumping Thursday

There’s nothing like some thumping Latin dance tunes to get the feet moving, hips shaking, and put the heart into overdrive.

This is a 30ish minute set from a party in 2014 and, boy oh boy, did the ladies shake it 🙂

Aye caramba!

Pop salsa and reggaeton set from Hong Kong Beat (explicit)

Set of classic Latin pop, salsa and reggaeton tunes put together for some Latina and Filipina hip-shakers last year. Good for a lo-tempo zumba work out as well:-)

Aiyai mama!


Salsa classics from Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco!

90 minute set of Salsa classics covering 7 decades, presented for dancers in the traditional (unmixed) method.