Hong Kong Beat mobile disco in a Caribbean beach party mood

Yeah, I know it’s almost Christmas and freezing cold in many parts of the World, but it doesn’t matter how cold it is, a bit of cheesy-flavoured calypso, zouk and meringue party music will always get the sun smiling again.

This is an edited 1-hour set from a Caribbean-themed beach party, recorded during the limbo competition.

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part IV

“Play something for us oldies!” Good coming from somebody actually younger than me… But sure 🙂 got to satisfy all tastes at the party!

Oldies set extract from Halloween party 2014.

Coming just after the kids set, it was great to see parents and grand parents up dancing with the kids. Rock & roll doesn’t care how old you are, as long as you’re young in heart 🙂

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part III

Question: What do teenage monsters drink at Halloween parties?

Answer: Ghoul-aid…

Ok, so the parents are getting stuck into the Jagermeister and Monster energy drink depth charges in the ‘adults area’ but the kids at the party need entertaining too.

Sure, bobbing apples, best-costume competition, zombie chase, make-up and balloon artists (I know some great ones I can put you in touch with!) and other game ideas can keep the attention of the little ones for a while, but you will need to throw in some kids Halloween-themed music that the ones who are too-cool-for-school – you know, pre-teens 😉 – will like as well.

Part III from last year’s Halloween, 40 minute spooky music set with special effects to keep the kids happy while the parents get zombified…

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part II

When people are arriving at your Halloween party, you have to greet them with more than Bloody Marys and Monster Squad depth charges to get the party going, well okay, not much more than that, but atmosphere is just as important and the right mood-setting music, lighting and effects gets the creepiness going long before Kevin from Accounts arrives in his Jimmy Saville costume…

Early evening mood setting tunes from 2014 Halloween party.

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco!

Extract from a past Halloween party gig, spreading the music across several genres but keeping in theme.

There’s more than just Thriller and The Monster Mash out there 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco offering some tunes for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

What better way to admire the full moon tonight and help the sticky moon cakes go down than some moon and autumn related tunes  to listen to as you unfold and light the lanterns, or pray to the moon goddess, or just get a bit tipsy on cassia wine… Hic

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco theme night tunes to placate the Hungry Ghosts!

The Hungry Ghosts festival in China is when people try their very best to make sure the ghosts of their ancestors, and other residents of the Netherworld on the loose, are soon happy enough to return to their abode, and not hang around causing trouble for the living for the rest of the year, by offering them incense, ‘Hell money’, food, drink, and other material goods (including Hell-o Kitty I suppose…)

Just in case there are a few with the spirit of the boogie still around waiting for Halloween, Hong Kong Beat, makes this offering of spooky tunes to still their souls, or does it?  >:/

This is a short set from the start of a Hungry Ghost theme night.

Be different – Hong Kong Beat mobile disco unusual and iconic event ideas

Looking for something more than the usual party set up of cocktails, dinner and dancing?

Bored with the usual card-drop product launch, fashion show, or shop opening?

Have an avant-garde party or marketing need?

Or just have noisy or complaining neighbours?

Hong Kong Beat has some fantastic connections that I collaborate with to provide fun and unusual ideas and solutions that can make yours the party or event that guests will never forget, and solve some of the limitations of venues and events.

Here are just a few ideas –

Decks n drums n saxy rolls – for want of a better description! Put together a funky drummer, saxophonist and DJ, live jamming with each other, and you’ve got an unusual combo that will get a party started, or transition smoothly between live band and DJ, or to drop in as a highlight of the night to give the crowd that extra buzz. Add a video of the whole thing to the Web…

Themed party nights – Anything from Autumn Moon to Zumba. Hong Kong Beat has the music and the effects required as part of the standard package to fit most themes, and if anything more is required, has the connections to provide it.

Or how about ‘silent disco’? A versatile solution to venue problems, or simply an unusual idea for a party or event. Sounds like an odd concept, but ideal for venues with noise restrictions, external noise pollution, or where you have a large number of guests with different music tastes, language, or interests.

Inspired and want to get rolling? Or need more info? No problem, just click on the links highlighted in yellow, or drop me a line via my contact page to discuss further.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco skating and backdropping, again, with northern soul

As the resident DJ at the Swindon’s Bird Nest club sometime back in 1975, I started spinning northern soul tracks on a Wednesday night for a few months, for a bunch of lads that came in from Newbury, Oxford, Salisbury, Reading and eventually further afield as news spread, until the manager took a dislike to their style of, as he called it, “poofter dancing” because they didn’t dance with girls, or in fact anybody but the music. Troglodyte, although that isn’t what I called him at the time.

For a while at least, it was a little piece of the northern soul scene in the south …

This mix set is fairly representative of the tracks I played back then, though I’ve added a few I didn’t know at the time, like the brilliant John Leach ‘put that woman down’, but would have been regular floor fillers if I’d had them back then.

The quality of some tracks is not great as they are 40-50 year old vinyl!

Keep the Faith.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco getting spooky for Monday Moods

Halloween is creeping up on us again, so if you’re organising a party, whether for kids or adults, you need good music.

Add to that lighting and effects that Hong Kong Beat can provide set to enhance the mood, you have a spooky party to make things go bump, shake, rattle and roll, all night.

There’s nothing like a kids Halloween party for having fun with the song choices.

This is part of a Halloween kids party from 2014, dropping in some cartoon tracks, with more classic Halloween tunes, some scary sound FX and a little bit of mashed up classical music 🙂