FAQ – equipment

Many clients often don’t even think about the details of what an event music and disco provider will bring along that are crucial to success of the event. Hopefully the following will answer most of those questions, even if you hadn’t thought to ask!

Do you have disco lights and why do I need disco lights?

Yes to the first question, though these days the effects are far beyond the days of a few flashing or rotating lights. The kind of professional lighting effects I provide can deliver either a club-like atmosphere, or simply provide a subtle mood to match the statement of your event.

In fact, I’ve played at many events where no ‘disco’ lighting was used at all and people still danced and had a great time.

But, let’s face it, everybody secretly wants to strut their stuff under flashing lights because a well executed light show not only sets a mood, but draws people to the dance floor and enhances the enjoyment of the music. Who hasn’t wanted to throw their night fever moves around under a glittering disco ball, or do their best Pete Townsend impression under a strobe light?

But if you do not wish to have any lighting at all, or only less dynamic effects, then I’m more than happy to tailor the set up to your needs.

In fact, as I offer music services to many styles of event, disco lights are not always required, and I can provide just wash and up lighting, suitable perhaps for more restrained corporate functions. In fact the Reception Package is intended for those kind of events, although if you like

As outlined in the page in the Disco Packages, I am able to supply quite a range of different packages and effects for various kinds of functions.

Also, if you have a need for particular effects or more lighting than I offer as standard or as an option, then I am able to help source and, in some cases, operate as well. Just let me know well in advance what your requirements might be and let me provide a quote.

Do you need a massive power supply for all those lights?

No. The standard package (sound and lighting) is configured to run safely from a single 13 amp socket if necessary.

However I generally ask that two 13 amp sockets can be provided, if possible on separate rings dedicated to my equipment alone, to provide some headroom on the circuit and back up in case of overload of one circuit, for example when guests plug in their phones to recharge on the same circuit, or the clown act plugs in his balloon pump…

Generally though, my standard package draws less than 13 amps current.

Should I provide or ask the venue to provide anything for you, such as a cloth-covered table for you to set up on, or anything else?

No need. My set-up is entirely self-contained and requires no assistance from the venue, other than a suitable power supply. Usually I will ask to be put in touch with the venue some time ahead of the event so I can coordinate details such as exact set-up location, venue set-up timetable, and access.

In cases where the event is being held outdoors however, I do ask that a suitable weatherproof (rain and sun) cover is provided for me to set up under.

Is your equipment safe?

All equipment is from industry leading brands, well maintained, acquired from the USA or UK, and all have internal fuses to protect the mains circuit in case of a fault occurring within the equipment. Cables carrying mains voltage are all provided with an earth.

I inspect and test all equipment designated for an event several days in advance, to make sure it is not damaged and is working as required.

Equipment hung from stands is fixed securely to the stand or bar with professional clamps, and are further protected from drops by steel safety cables.

I can provide (class 3) laser effects if such are required for an event, however as there is still potential for harm to eyesight even from such relatively lower powered lasers, these are used in a non-crowd scanning setting only, i.e. projected on to high back walls or ceilings, never into the crowd.

I use cloths for stand and booth front lighting effects. These are all coated with fire retardant materials.

Do you have back up for your equipment in case of breakdowns on the night?

I carry a back up (several for some items) for critical equipment such as the music source and play out system.

The sound system uses active speaker technology so that even if one speaker breaks down the other can continue unaffected and, given the maximum power headroom of the system, the difference in sound level from one speaker alone will be hardly noticeable in most venues. In 40ish years of DJing, I’ve never completely lost an entire speaker on a night as this is usually due to over driving them with music levels being too high, so the possibility of losing both is very unlikely.

As for lights, these aren’t critical pieces of equipment but I recognise that they are important to the mood of an event. This is why I have designed a light show in which lighting effects are either paired, or have a similarly effective alternative in the show., so that if one breaks down, the show goes on.

Should the computer-based lighting control system fail, all lights can operate either on stand-alone programs or on a sound-to-light basis.

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