Terms and conditions

Booking Fee

A booking fee of 20% of the full quoted fee, is required as soon as possible after the client confirms that they require Hong Kong Beat’s services.

Confirmation of booking is required in writing, preferably by email, or by post, and signifies  acceptance of the quoted fee, services and terms, as set out in the invoice sent to the client separately, and below.  This contracts the client to fulfilling their responsibilities with regards payment of fees, et al, as outlined below.

For this, I commit to hold the date for the client, to attend (subject to my availability) any meetings the client needs to hold to discuss the progress or arrangements for the event, and to carry out any other services required, such as sourcing and quoting for additional equipment, or making any necessary arrangements with other performers.

This booking fee is non-refundable.

Failure to pay the booking fee may compromise the client’s booking, and I reserve the right to accept other bookings on the same date in such cases, without prior notice.

Payment of fees and charges; payment methods

The booking is confirmed from the date of the payment of the booking fee. If made by cheque, confirmation date will be the date of clearance.

The balance of the agreed fee (i.e. agreed fee, less the booking fee) is to be paid into my bank account by no later than seven (7) working days before the event. 

All payments are preferred to be paid by direct transfer (ATM, phone banking, internet banking or counter transfer).

If the balance of the agreed fee is paid by cheque deposited directly to my account, please allow five (5) working days before the due date for payment of the balance, to allow for cheque clearance. If paid by cheque to me in person or by post, at least ten (10) working days before the due date for payment is required.

If I have been asked to provide additional equipment and services that are not provided as part of the standard packages or options, and for which I have provided a quote that has been agreed to in writing by the client, then either a deposit or full payment for the equipment at the time of confirming the requirement, may be required. This will be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis. In any case, payment details for additional agreed services or equipment will be advised separately in writing.

If a fee for extended time is agreed during the event, payment is required in cash at the time of agreement.

Confirmation of payments

If the booking fee, balance of full fee, or any additional charges, is paid by ATM, phone banking, internet banking, or counter transfer, then confirmation of the payment, including amount and transaction number, is required as soon as practical after in writing, preferably by email, or by post.

If paid by cheque direct to my account, please supply a copy of the pay-in slip, preferably by email, as soon as possible after and in any case no later than 5 days before the due date for payment.

Cancellations and refunds

Should the client need to cancel a booked event, then notice of cancellation is required in writing preferably by email, or by post.

If cancellation is not notified in such manner, then I reserve the right to hold the client liable for full payment of the agreed fee, and any charges for additional equipment that the client has agreed to.

If the event is cancelled after the balance of fee payment has been made, and no later than 30 days before the event, I will refund the payment (less the booking fee), however refund of balance of fee payments (except booking fee) for cancellation after this cut-off will be at my discretion.

I reserve the right to offer a credit to be used against any fee for a  rescheduled function, or future function organized by the client, subject to my availability on any such days.

There will be no refund for any balance of fee payments made where cancellation is made on the day before, or day of, the event.

Please also note that refund of any payments for additional services the client has asked me to source and provide outwith the standard package and options, will be subject to separate conditions, expressed at the time of booking those additional services.

Conditions and exceptions

Payment of the full balance of fee and any additional charges, commits me to providing the agreed and paid for services at the event. I reserve the right to withdraw the full services if the full balance for all services to be provided has not been paid, at the latest, prior to setting up at the start of the event.

I regret I am unable to accept credit cards or process EPS, PayPal, Octopus, Apple Pay, or similar electronic payment methods.

I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, or offer other arrangements as I see fit.

I am not to be held liable for any failure to provide contracted services, or part of such, or additional services I have been contracted to provide, due to reason of Force Majeure, or any failure by the client, their agents,  venue and other contractors engaged by the client, to fulfill their requirements in respect of my being able to provide the contracted services.

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