Music – that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

(Clicking the highlighted links will take you away from this website to my Mixcloud page, where a wider taste of the variation of music on offer can be found.)

Whatever the music demands that Hong Kong’s multi-cultural population can throw my way, whether Bollywood to Cantopop, US country to UK Madchester, Aussie pub-rock to  reggaeton zumba to Afro-Catalan, soulful Valentine’s music, or simply current chart hits , with wide knowledge of more than 8 decades of popular music, I can meet just about any tastes.

And, if you’ve got a particular music need, like salsa or 70’s disco, or fancy a night of baggy tripping, moonstomping or Merseybeat, then theme nights are a special passion and music can be very strictly chosen to fit most themes. Literally, the only limit is the client’s imagination!

I’m very flexible and adaptive with mixing music, and will adopt whatever style of transition suits the event, the music style, or moment, whether it is classic ballroom style (announcement of song and/or dance between each tune) or continuous beat matching of one song into another, or any style in between. The style of transition is almost as important to building the mood of the dance floor as the choice of songs!

I’m also sensitive to the needs of certain dance enthusiasts – like salsa, swing and country – who don’t like the DJ to “muck around with the song” 🙂

If you have questions about the music style I will play at your event, how requests and playlists are handled, or other questions about music on the night, please have a look at my music FAQ.

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