Hong Kong Beat mobile disco iconic kids tram party

Summer’s arrived in Hong Kong and many families return to their home country for holidays, or relocate for good. This means farewell parties for friends, especially at the end of school.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco recently played a very special summer birthday/farewell party for two pre-teen sisters; a very special party that they will never forget, a silent disco on an open-topped tram, trundling through Hong Kong’s busy streets. 30 girls dancing and singing along at the top of their voices, to music in their headphones, created quite an experience for them, and for the people in the streets and passing trams!

So here’s the soundtrack to that fun trip, and here’s to great memories of iconic parties!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has added info on bar/bat mitzvahs to its Parties & Events page

Thinking of holding a bar or bat mitzvah in Hong Kong and need a DJ or disco for the party?

Here  are the comprehensive music, DJ, MC, lighting and audio services that Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has to offer.


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco and DJ Xmas party packages

Planning festive season parties, and looking for a comprehensive music solution?

No matter what kind of end-of-year function you are planning, if you need a DJ, band, or both – or other entertainers – then Hong Kong Beat offers 4 different packages, suitable for many kinds of functions, ranging from full night dinner and dancing, to shorter suppers, receptions and lunches, as well as children’s parties. These packages offer flexibility in duration, equipment and cost, and we even have a line to Santa!

Party Package – suitable for full programme events requiring dancing and lasting around 5 hours or more.

Reception Package – suitable for shorter events of around 3 hours that only require background or mood music.

DJ Package – suitable for events where the venue or client supplies the audio systems, such as at nightclubs or bars.

Effects Package – suitable for functions where the client has a live band, DJ, entertainers, or pre-recorded music, but would like to have mood, back lighting, dance lighting and/or effects.

Full details of the packages, options, and add-on can be found on the Disco packages page and you can leave a contact telephone or email address. You can also drop me a message via Facebook or LinkedIn to chat more if you prefer.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco offers flexible festive party packages

To meet client and seasonal demands, Hong Kong Beat has introduced a number of packages suitable for festive parties around this time of year, such as Thanksgiving and Xmas lunches or dinners, Diwali parties, Hanukkah celebrations, Burns Supper ladies nights, Valentines dinners, as well as festive children’s parties, and especially for those functions where the full package of lights for dancing at a 5 or 6 hour night time party is not required.

Party Package

  • This package is most suitable for full evening events requiring dancing, such as wedding and engagement parties, hen nights, festive parties, dinner dances, school graduations, debutante balls, bar mitzvahs, or any function lasting around 5 hours or more.
  • As well as quality audio, the package also includes lighting and effects to meet the client’s needs.

Reception Package

  • This package is aimed at shorter, day time, or lunch time events, which only require background or mood music, such as corporate receptions, wedding or engagement lunches and suppers, celebrations of life, festive office lunches, award ceremonies, marketing events, and fund-raising events.
  • Typical duration of around 3 or 4 hours.
  • No lighting is supplied with this package (as it is primarily aimed at day time functions), but simple, yet effective, mood and back lighting can be added free of charge.
  • More dynamic dance floor lighting and effects can be added at extra cost.

DJ Package

  • This package is for those events where the venue or client supplies the audio systems. It is charged by the hour (minimum 2 hours) and the only thing required is the express permission of the venue/system owner for the DJ to connect to the system.
  • No lighting is supplied with this package, but if mood or back lighting, or more dynamic dance floor lighting is required, then this can be added at extra cost.

Effects Package

  • This package is suitable for functions where the client already has other entertainers, such as live band, another DJ, or pre-recorded music, and have their own or venue supplied audio system, but would like mood, back lighting, dance lighting and/or effects.
  • Package includes operator, lighting and/or effects, as supplied with the Party Package. It is charged by the hour (minimum 2 hours).
  • Additional lighting or effects requirements not part of the Party Package can be added at extra cost.

Apart from the Lighting Package, all packages include (minimum) DJ, DJ’s play out deck, and selection of music to meet the client’s needs, as well as client and venue coordination.

All packages (apart from the DJ Package) are comprehensive, entirely self-contained and, other than a suitable space and dedicated stable power source; nothing is required from the venue or client.

I can also supply MC service for these packages, if required, at no extra cost.

I can also arrange other kinds of entertainment to go with any of the packages, and will fully coordinate with them on your behalf.

Full details of all the packages can be found here .

Additional charges may apply for longer duration events; events requiring rehearsals; finish times beyond midnight; and for 24 and 31 December, and 1 January.

So, if you’re organising a party and looking for a comprehensive, flexible and experienced music, DJ or effects solution, drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll be in touch to discuss your exact needs.

Happy party season!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its Disco Packages page

Hong Kong Beat has added some flexibility to the package and pricing structure, recognizing that some clients only want a music option for a few hours, and not the full big blowzy production of the full ‘standard package’ – which is now named the Party Package 🙂

Take a closer look at the Disco Packages page to see what is offered

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco part III

Question: What do teenage monsters drink at Halloween parties?

Answer: Ghoul-aid…

Ok, so the parents are getting stuck into the Jagermeister and Monster energy drink depth charges in the ‘adults area’ but the kids at the party need entertaining too.

Sure, bobbing apples, best-costume competition, zombie chase, make-up and balloon artists (I know some great ones I can put you in touch with!) and other game ideas can keep the attention of the little ones for a while, but you will need to throw in some kids Halloween-themed music that the ones who are too-cool-for-school – you know, pre-teens 😉 – will like as well.

Part III from last year’s Halloween, 40 minute spooky music set with special effects to keep the kids happy while the parents get zombified…

Halloween with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco!

Extract from a past Halloween party gig, spreading the music across several genres but keeping in theme.

There’s more than just Thriller and The Monster Mash out there 🙂

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco theme night tunes to placate the Hungry Ghosts!

The Hungry Ghosts festival in China is when people try their very best to make sure the ghosts of their ancestors, and other residents of the Netherworld on the loose, are soon happy enough to return to their abode, and not hang around causing trouble for the living for the rest of the year, by offering them incense, ‘Hell money’, food, drink, and other material goods (including Hell-o Kitty I suppose…)

Just in case there are a few with the spirit of the boogie still around waiting for Halloween, Hong Kong Beat, makes this offering of spooky tunes to still their souls, or does it?  >:/

This is a short set from the start of a Hungry Ghost theme night.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco getting spooky for Monday Moods

Halloween is creeping up on us again, so if you’re organising a party, whether for kids or adults, you need good music.

Add to that lighting and effects that Hong Kong Beat can provide set to enhance the mood, you have a spooky party to make things go bump, shake, rattle and roll, all night.

There’s nothing like a kids Halloween party for having fun with the song choices.

This is part of a Halloween kids party from 2014, dropping in some cartoon tracks, with more classic Halloween tunes, some scary sound FX and a little bit of mashed up classical music 🙂


Planning a Halloween party disco? Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is the solution

The biggest themed party event of the year, Halloween, is pressing it’s bloodshot eyes against the window, and rattling the door handle with it’s warty claws, so time to start planning a party to invite it in!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has the look and the effects needed to take your party decorations from great to outstanding, with a lighting set that can be themed to the look of the party, and set off with flame projection effects, UV lights, strobes and stinky smoke!

And of course, it isn’t just about the look, you need great music to make the party sizzle like the Devil’s BBQ.

With a music collection of Halloween related subjects amounting to more than 24 hours of continuous music, the playlist can be either strictly themed to Halloween subjects, or impact sets of horror tunes can be inserted in between more general dancing music. And just about all tastes in music can be catered for, whether it’s kids’ tunes, rock, pop, or club music, or a mixture of everything.

So, solve the puzzle and get Hong Kong Beat for your Halloween Monster Mash!