Hong Kong Beat mobile disco bangs its head with heavy metal and rap metal for Wild Wednesday

Not the most requested of music genres for a mobile disco, but when a school grad party organising committee asked “can you play something for the head bangers?”, this is the set I put together. 

Heads were indeed banged.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its gallery and testimonials pages

New photos of recent parties at


and new testimonials at


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco drops dance pop for one of this week’s three kids parties.

Two out of three great kids parties so far catered for this week, with ages ranging from around 5 up to pre-teen.

This week for Thumping Thursday, Hong Kong Beat drops an extract from a mid-party 3 hour dance pop and pop rock live set recording, from a pre-teen school leavers party, including some requested tunes even older than their parents!


Hong Kong Beat mobile disco reaches back and flips the bottle top off with Gen Y indie and alternative music for Chill-out Tuesday

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated information on packages and options

Hi, I’ve added some photos from a house party last year, to give an idea of the kind of flexibility that can be achieved with simple room uplighting, either for the dance floor area (which is included in the standard package), or provided as the only option for more subtle lighting for your event (again, included in the standard package), or as can be added as required.

The lighting can be set as either set as a fixed colour wash, programmed for stand-alone gradual or rapid change, programmed for music change, or programmed for show change. This allows much more flexibility for the client in deciding the mood of the event.


Thumping Thursday – Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets dancey with house music!

First blogcast for Thumping Thursday, where Hong Kong Beat mobile disco will showcase dance tracks each Thursday.

This week I’ve selected some dance floor deep house, electro house and progressive house hits from the past year.

Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco has added a new page about other entertainment options it can offer


I’ve added a new page outlining other types of entertainers and services that Hong Kong Beat can recommend an help put you in touch with or coordinate together with for your event.

And, as I don’t act as their agent, there are no additional fees for putting you in touch with them or arranging for them to work alongside Hong Kong Beat at your event.

Check it out – especially Santa!


Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco has updated its Theme Nights page

Additional theme ideas and links to music sets added 🙂

May the Fourth Be With You! Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco celebrates Star Wars Day

A collection of Star Wars related tunes, some directly, some not so; some cheesy disco, some novelty songs, some funk and and some power-punk.

As Chewbacca would have said “AHHHHURGGHHHHARRR”.

Thanks for the endorsement Chewie 🙂

School’s (almost) out, sooooo… Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco for your graduation solution

It’s time to start organizing year-end and graduation parties.

Hong Kong Beat is the perfect the solution, offering comprehensive and flexible packages with music, sound, lighting, DJ and MC services, and offers tunes from current dance and chart to almost anything from the past 100+ years! (clicking the links will take you to my Mixcloud page where even more music sets can be found.

And, if you have a budding Armin Van B or Deadmau5 in your school, I’m more than happy to see if I can provide a slot to let them rock his/her stuff.

As for kit, I offer quality sound with a wide range of professional lighting and special effects, which include ‘full house’ professional features, and FX such as strobes, smoke, black light (UV), and lasers. The standard package can be set up in a very compact 2m sq if you’re tight on space at the venue, yet still deliver club-like sound and lighting quality.

Have a look at my music, event, and package pages for a better idea of what’s possible, and then contact me for a quote.

Oh, almost most importantly, good luck with the exams!