Shhh! Silent DJ at work! Hong Kong Beat wedding and event disco on iconic silent events

You’ve probably been to great parties where the DJ was just starting to swing when it’s been time for him to pull the plugs and put the tunes away, and you’ve maybe been one of those – I know I have – urging him to play one more song, then another. But sadly, you’ve been left a little disappointed. Yes?

Those of you who’ve been to Clockenflap in Hong Kong (if not, have a look here) will probably know about the ‘silent disco tent’. A surreal place where everybody jumps and dances around, singing along to their favourite tunes… Except there’s no music. Well, there is, but only in the wireless headphones they are wearing. And they have a great time.

Sounds odd? Well it’s actually a great way to cater for a lot of different musical tastes in one room, with three channels on each headphone that can play different music genres, or different styles of DJs, all at the same time.

But it’s not only a great way to satisfy multiple tastes in music, but also a way to bring music to a party and event environment when audible music is otherwise not allowed or is inconvenient; making it a solution to those party unhappy-endings!

I’ve catered to several parties where the venue’s noise control policy, or just simply polite consideration for neighbours, meant an early end to the night, or prohibited audible music completely. This has included some iconic venues where we have had to close down quite early and usually just as we were starting to get going – rooftop terraces and pool sides; beach front restaurants; elegant ballrooms in majestic hotels; restaurants, gardens, and marquees in grounds in residential areas… Even on board Hong Kong’s heritage trams!

Not every day you get to do a party with such a dramatic setting. The Beach House, Cheung Sha, Lantau.

All were in prime, high-end fabulous venues for wine, food, setting, and ambience, but the one thing that detracted from the full satisfaction of the function was the need to call ‘last tune’ at around eleven pm! Not the kind of party nightlife Hong Kong is famous for, or that Hong Kongers usually expect!

So ‘silent disco’ is an answer, and allows for longer parties that can simultaneously cater for all tastes, from the 20 somethings dancing to chart hits, to the mums and aunties ripping it up to 80s and 90s classics, to the grans with 60s and 70s pop and disco, and any combo in between. Or, western pop for one side of the family, Chinese pop for the others; even maybe a channel especially dedicated for dad dancing!

Hardly anybody will be left unhappy with the music choices at the end of the night, or with an early ending. And the excitement of so many different styles happening at the same time creates a great buzz and adds to the enjoyment, leaving your guests talking about the party for years to come.

But ‘silent disco’ doesn’t have to be for just dancing… The concept’s application is almost endless for any place or event where you might have a noise restriction policy, or a need to cater to different audio needs, or the ambient noise levels are too high for the event audio. Some examples might be: multi-cultural events; outdoor events; viral marketing campaigns; shows requiring simultaneous languages; multi-product launches. More ideas can be found at my website here.

Hong Kong Beat works with an experienced Worldwide silent event provider who uses only high quality audio transmitters and headphones and, in terms of music, Hong Kong Beat will work closely with you to craft play sets, either played by a live DJ or professionally pre-mixed, to your exact needs. Take a look here to check and listen to the variety of music I offer and music FAQ, and here for iconic party ideas.

If you do not want silence for the entire event, perhaps pre-dinner cocktail and dinner background music, or for speeches, Hong Kong Beat can provide the traditional audio equipment as well for that part of the evening, or work with your chosen venue to provide music through their in-house system, with the ‘silent’ event kicking in later when the audio levels have to be muted.

Want to build a party and dance floor mood, or enhance an event décor, with intelligent lighting? Hong Kong Beat also has several options on lighting, ranging from packages with computer programmed wash lighting, up to club-like ‘full house’ lighting and atmospherics effects.

More information on comprehensive packages offering audio and/or lighting can be found here.

The great benefit in selecting Hong Kong Beat, is dealing with just one supplier for all your music, audio, and lighting needs, cutting down costs and tricky liaison between different suppliers or the need for an event coordinator, and ultimately giving you peace of mind and a successful, memorable event.

The possibilities are endless really, not just as solutions to venue noise controls, but as a way to stretch your imagination and host the iconic events that people will always remember.

So, don’t make a noise, but make a big impression with your next ‘silent’ iconic party or event with Hong Kong Beat wedding and event solution.

For more information, or a chat about what is possible, drop me a line.






Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents 2015 K-pop

K-pop… Images of cutesy girl groups, outrageously-styled boy bands, and PSY… are what are conjured up in most people’s minds, mostly unfamiliar with the music scene in South Korea, often mixing up Japanese ‘para para’ music culture with k-pop.

While some of those images might be pretty close to home – except for the ‘cutesy’ look, with more and more music videos by girl groups  being restricted to showing after the evening watershed – popular music in South Korea, and especially dance music, has been incorporating western rap and techno since the 90s, and in the 21st century has developed  a recognizable ‘Korean wave’ urban sound, incorporating hip hop and rap, as well as techno and electro, beats and riffs either blended with pop, or just produced as outright urban dance tracks.

Here’s a 30ish-minute selection of some of the urban sounds of 2015 K-pop.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco offers flexible festive party packages

To meet client and seasonal demands, Hong Kong Beat has introduced a number of packages suitable for festive parties around this time of year, such as Thanksgiving and Xmas lunches or dinners, Diwali parties, Hanukkah celebrations, Burns Supper ladies nights, Valentines dinners, as well as festive children’s parties, and especially for those functions where the full package of lights for dancing at a 5 or 6 hour night time party is not required.

Party Package

  • This package is most suitable for full evening events requiring dancing, such as wedding and engagement parties, hen nights, festive parties, dinner dances, school graduations, debutante balls, bar mitzvahs, or any function lasting around 5 hours or more.
  • As well as quality audio, the package also includes lighting and effects to meet the client’s needs.

Reception Package

  • This package is aimed at shorter, day time, or lunch time events, which only require background or mood music, such as corporate receptions, wedding or engagement lunches and suppers, celebrations of life, festive office lunches, award ceremonies, marketing events, and fund-raising events.
  • Typical duration of around 3 or 4 hours.
  • No lighting is supplied with this package (as it is primarily aimed at day time functions), but simple, yet effective, mood and back lighting can be added free of charge.
  • More dynamic dance floor lighting and effects can be added at extra cost.

DJ Package

  • This package is for those events where the venue or client supplies the audio systems. It is charged by the hour (minimum 2 hours) and the only thing required is the express permission of the venue/system owner for the DJ to connect to the system.
  • No lighting is supplied with this package, but if mood or back lighting, or more dynamic dance floor lighting is required, then this can be added at extra cost.

Effects Package

  • This package is suitable for functions where the client already has other entertainers, such as live band, another DJ, or pre-recorded music, and have their own or venue supplied audio system, but would like mood, back lighting, dance lighting and/or effects.
  • Package includes operator, lighting and/or effects, as supplied with the Party Package. It is charged by the hour (minimum 2 hours).
  • Additional lighting or effects requirements not part of the Party Package can be added at extra cost.

Apart from the Lighting Package, all packages include (minimum) DJ, DJ’s play out deck, and selection of music to meet the client’s needs, as well as client and venue coordination.

All packages (apart from the DJ Package) are comprehensive, entirely self-contained and, other than a suitable space and dedicated stable power source; nothing is required from the venue or client.

I can also supply MC service for these packages, if required, at no extra cost.

I can also arrange other kinds of entertainment to go with any of the packages, and will fully coordinate with them on your behalf.

Full details of all the packages can be found here .

Additional charges may apply for longer duration events; events requiring rehearsals; finish times beyond midnight; and for 24 and 31 December, and 1 January.

So, if you’re organising a party and looking for a comprehensive, flexible and experienced music, DJ or effects solution, drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll be in touch to discuss your exact needs.

Happy party season!

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its Disco Packages page

Hong Kong Beat has added some flexibility to the package and pricing structure, recognizing that some clients only want a music option for a few hours, and not the full big blowzy production of the full ‘standard package’ – which is now named the Party Package 🙂

Take a closer look at the Disco Packages page to see what is offered

Be different – Hong Kong Beat mobile disco unusual and iconic event ideas

Looking for something more than the usual party set up of cocktails, dinner and dancing?

Bored with the usual card-drop product launch, fashion show, or shop opening?

Have an avant-garde party or marketing need?

Or just have noisy or complaining neighbours?

Hong Kong Beat has some fantastic connections that I collaborate with to provide fun and unusual ideas and solutions that can make yours the party or event that guests will never forget, and solve some of the limitations of venues and events.

Here are just a few ideas –

Decks n drums n saxy rolls – for want of a better description! Put together a funky drummer, saxophonist and DJ, live jamming with each other, and you’ve got an unusual combo that will get a party started, or transition smoothly between live band and DJ, or to drop in as a highlight of the night to give the crowd that extra buzz. Add a video of the whole thing to the Web…

Themed party nights – Anything from Autumn Moon to Zumba. Hong Kong Beat has the music and the effects required as part of the standard package to fit most themes, and if anything more is required, has the connections to provide it.

Or how about ‘silent disco’? A versatile solution to venue problems, or simply an unusual idea for a party or event. Sounds like an odd concept, but ideal for venues with noise restrictions, external noise pollution, or where you have a large number of guests with different music tastes, language, or interests.

Inspired and want to get rolling? Or need more info? No problem, just click on the links highlighted in yellow, or drop me a line via my contact page to discuss further.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco skating and backdropping, again, with northern soul

As the resident DJ at the Swindon’s Bird Nest club sometime back in 1975, I started spinning northern soul tracks on a Wednesday night for a few months, for a bunch of lads that came in from Newbury, Oxford, Salisbury, Reading and eventually further afield as news spread, until the manager took a dislike to their style of, as he called it, “poofter dancing” because they didn’t dance with girls, or in fact anybody but the music. Troglodyte, although that isn’t what I called him at the time.

For a while at least, it was a little piece of the northern soul scene in the south …

This mix set is fairly representative of the tracks I played back then, though I’ve added a few I didn’t know at the time, like the brilliant John Leach ‘put that woman down’, but would have been regular floor fillers if I’d had them back then.

The quality of some tracks is not great as they are 40-50 year old vinyl!

Keep the Faith.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco presents the New Soul Men

Many people regard the 60s and 70s as the era of the great soul men – Wilson Pickett, the Reverend Al Green, Barry White, Marvin Gaye… And certainly it seemed that during the next couple of decades, R&B moved away from soulful tunes and voices in the main, although the advent of neo soul kept an undercurrent alive.

However the past 10 years or so has seen a resurgence in the popularity of great soul music with some new neo soul male artists, notably D’Angelo and of course John Legend, who’s voice seems to be popping up everywhere from his own albums, to Tarantino movies, to dance tunes, to hip-hop. But they are not alone in reviving the feeling that only a silky tenor or baritone can bring to a set of heart grabbing soulful lyrics.

So for Soulful Saturday this week, Hong Kong Beat presents a selection of some of the New Soul Men in the Millennium.

What’s going on, indeed.

Why should you choose a mobile DJ for your Hong Kong event or party?

You’re organising an event or party, like a wedding, Christmas dinner, New Year party, charity ball, milestone birthday party, fashion show, product launch and you want to have music to get it moving – so do you need a mobile DJ, or do you think a venue’s resident/recommended DJ is good enough?

In this blog, I’m going to share my experience of more than 30 years in mobile and resident DJing for all kinds of events and parties in Hong Kong, UK, and around Asia, to all age groups and cultures, with the hope that it can guide you to make the best choice to fully satisfy your needs.

For the vast majority of people in Hong Kong holding a private event or party of some kind, the only real options for venues are hotel ballrooms, restaurants, bars and members sports/social clubs.

Making the choice can be an easy one if you’re a member of a club, or have a solid recommendation or a favourite restaurant, bar and so on, and if satisfaction with the venue location, look, food/drinks quality and value are your only concerns, well, it will be a no brainer towards making the event a success.

But if music plays any part at your event or party, whether it is just guest appropriate music for pre-dinner cocktails; mood and background music at a shop opening, product launch, or networking event; or dancing is wanted during the party at some point of the night… Then choosing the right music provider is often a tricky choice to make, as so few people actually know a DJ and all too often it is left to an inexperienced or badly-informed person to make a recommendation!

In many cases, a venue will often recommend and may try to insist on, you using their resident DJ, or a DJ they have worked with before.

Now, there is nothing generally wrong with that as a venue also wants to work with trusted service providers, but sometimes and often in my experience, the venue manager or F&B department doesn’t really know much about their recommended DJ or whether – and this is most important – he will be a good fit for what the client wants.

After all, their main concern is not your full satisfaction with the music provider as that is usually secondary to their own prime service delivery: food and drinks. So you could easily end up with a DJ with inappropriate knowledge and skills for your event. Too late to find that out when he turns up in jeans and a snap-back, and starts playing hard-core club music for your Latin themed dinner party and ball…

To make sure that every aspect of your event satisfies your needs, and takes it from being just another event to the most talked about party after everybody has gone home, you need to pay close attention to every aspect of choice of service providers, and not leave perhaps one the most noticeable and memorable aspects to somebody else’s judgment.

I’m certainly not saying that every venue resident or recommended DJ is going to do a bad job. No, I expect that in most cases they will do as good a job as they can be expected to do with their experience and in the circumstances, where they have had limited access to the client and the client’s plans and demands, maybe at best passed on third-hand to them.

If the venue recommends a DJ for you, then make sure you get the chance to talk to the DJ directly and assess his knowledge, skills and, most importantly, his willingness to meet your needs rather than just play what he normally plays for the venue on any day of the year. If the venue doesn’t want to put you in touch with the DJ or, worse still, the DJ isn’t interested to talk to you, then I’d recommend looking elsewhere for the music, maybe even venue, option.

Even if you can talk to their recommendation, it makes sense to Google around to find out what Hong Kong has to offer by way of mobile discos and DJs – surprisingly quite a few – and are able to provide a comprehensive music and DJing service, for a decent comparison to the venue recommended DJ.

When you get in touch with them, the important questions to ask are more than “are you available?” and “how much?” but first of all “could you meet me to discuss?” or, at the very least, ask them about the style of music they play and the depth of their knowledge – especially on genres and decades, as guest lists are often multicultural and wide ranging in age and tastes in Hong Kong. You may need to satisfy your septuagenarian Chairman’s Asian wife as much as your teenage international school nieces and nephews!

Another important aspect to ask them about is how they handle your needs, perhaps for theme, music lists, for requests on the night, running order, how much ‘personality’ they inject into the night, and MCing maybe… And don’t forget one of the most important aspects – how does their setup, or how will they make their set up, fit in with the look and theme of your event?

And take note that a conscientious mobile disco DJ, even if he already knows your chosen venue, will also ask to meet with and sort out logistical arrangements with them well in advance of your event, as much to ensure that everything you require him to do is possible and is delivered to your satisfaction, but also to assure the venue that he can be a trusted business partner that they can rely on too.

A DJ should be like any other quality service provider. He/she is not just somebody who plays a few tunes for the night; it should be an integral part of their service that they are conscious of and sensitive to the demands of the client.

Rather than telling you “trust me, I’m a professional” he/she should be able to tell you how they will provide their service, what level of quality they will provide, how they will meet your needs, and how they will satisfy your guests on the night.

If he/she can do that, then they don’t need to profess to be a ‘professional’, they clearly are.

Good luck and happy great partying!

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Latin sounds brought to you by Hong Kong Beat mobile disco in a sweaty 30 minute zumba set

Mix of latin-house, salsa and Catalan tunes for a 30 minute work out this Thumping Thursday

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated information on packages and options

Hi, I’ve added some photos from a house party last year, to give an idea of the kind of flexibility that can be achieved with simple room uplighting, either for the dance floor area (which is included in the standard package), or provided as the only option for more subtle lighting for your event (again, included in the standard package), or as can be added as required.

The lighting can be set as either set as a fixed colour wash, programmed for stand-alone gradual or rapid change, programmed for music change, or programmed for show change. This allows much more flexibility for the client in deciding the mood of the event.