70s/80s UK punk rock from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco for Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday can’t get much wilder than the 70s/80s UK punk scene. Watch out for the razor blades…

Ten tunes for Chill-out Tuesday from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

Just a little something to keep it cool today 🙂

A happy Monday mood from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

Soulful Saturday with Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

Despite some seriously wet weather and impressive lighting streaks here, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco brings you a smooth set of 90s R&B to raise the spirits for Soulful Saturday.

Thumping Thursday – Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets dancey with house music!

First blogcast for Thumping Thursday, where Hong Kong Beat mobile disco will showcase dance tracks each Thursday.

This week I’ve selected some dance floor deep house, electro house and progressive house hits from the past year.

Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco has added a new page about other entertainment options it can offer


I’ve added a new page outlining other types of entertainers and services that Hong Kong Beat can recommend an help put you in touch with or coordinate together with for your event.

And, as I don’t act as their agent, there are no additional fees for putting you in touch with them or arranging for them to work alongside Hong Kong Beat at your event.

Check it out – especially Santa!


Pop salsa and reggaeton set from Hong Kong Beat (explicit)

Set of classic Latin pop, salsa and reggaeton tunes put together for some Latina and Filipina hip-shakers last year. Good for a lo-tempo zumba work out as well:-)

Aiyai mama!


Acid jazz and hip hop set – Tokyo 2004

Was very lucky to be invited to do a guest spot at a beat club in Roppongi, Tokyo back in 2004 after I got talking to the owner about acid jazz.

Recently found the playlist and and recreated the set.

Hmmm, jazz… Nice 🙂

Time for some skanking and moonstomping with Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco

Hadn’t played much – in fact any – ska or reggae since the late 90s after the British Army left Hong Kong, until an American gent pestered me to play some at a small corporate gig a year or so ago, where I had been tasked to just play light cocktail music. Well, since he was the host, I gave in and put together a short 15 minute or so set. Tables and chairs in the trendy bar were quickly put aside and we were back in 1970s/80s town halls all across Britain… Real tasty 🙂

Hong Kong Beat Mobile Disco has updated its Theme Nights page

Additional theme ideas and links to music sets added 🙂