Hong Kong Beat mobile disco has updated its Disco Packages page

Hong Kong Beat has added some flexibility to the package and pricing structure, recognizing that some clients only want a music option for a few hours, and not the full big blowzy production of the full ‘standard package’ – which is now named the Party Package 🙂

Take a closer look at the Disco Packages page to see what is offered

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco offering some tunes for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

What better way to admire the full moon tonight and help the sticky moon cakes go down than some moon and autumn related tunes  to listen to as you unfold and light the lanterns, or pray to the moon goddess, or just get a bit tipsy on cassia wine… Hic

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco grilling on the BBQ with a little country music

I can’t say I was a fan of country music ‘back then’, but modern country does hit a note with me, more of a rock and blues edge to the music, little more soul in the lyrics that resonate with kicking back and chilling out or kicking off and having fun, or just letting off about the ups and downs of life.

So, here’s a selection of contemporary country artists to boot scoot along to while getting the BBQ grill warm for Sunday Selection this week.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco and DJ solution for farewell and reunion parties

Soon saying farewell to sons, daughters or friends heading off to university overseas?

Hong Kong is pretty unique compared to many parts of the World in that many of our young adults, after graduating from high school, don’t just go down the road for 3 or 4 years to attend university, or even to the next city, state or county, but many fly off to the opposite side of the World for months until term break, or even the whole year.

It’s traumatic enough for the parents to see them go – I know I’ve been through it three times over 12 years – but also for the young adults themselves as they set out without the close friendship and support of great school friends they have known often for all of their lives.

Farewell dinners and teary goodbyes at the Airport are all well and good, but why not make it a fun and memorable occasion with a farewell party for friends and family, with maybe also something to look forward to in nine months time with a reunion party as well?

With flexibility in options, size and style of set-up, and wide knowledge of music across generations and cultures (take a look and listen here) Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is the perfect solution for farewell and reunion parties, whether inside a restaurant, club function room, hotel ballroom, in the garden, pool-side or out on a junk.

You can learn more about the options here.

So, if you’d like to know more or discuss possibilities, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Just drop me a short message here.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco goes back to the 40s with big band jazz and swing

As a young child in the late 50s and early 60s, I remember watching war era movies and being amazed by the big bands shown on them. The way sections of music switched from one set of instruments to another, the snazzy smartness of the band members’ suits, the way a section would leap to their feet to play a couple of chords like jacks-in-the box.

And of course, this music was still on the radio my mother listened to around the house in those days and, later, played at the dinner balls that my parents would take me to, where they dressed up just as smartly and danced around the floor all night.

So, while at the time I was digging the Beatles, Stones and later, soul, funk, and almost every other kind of popular music, the music of the big band swing era had forever etched a place in my love of music.

So this week’s Sunday Selection presents just a few of the greats of that era.

You’d have to be made of stone not to be snapping your fingers and tapping your toes to these.

Sultry jazz and blues divas for a simmering Sunday Selection from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

What better way to lazily get Sunday morning brunch going than with some jazz and blues classics from some of the best jazz divas, with an honourable mention of a new voice or two.

Artwork: jamesvannart.com

Poolside, garden, junk or cruiser… Time for those Hong Kong summer parties

With flexibility in options, size and style of set-up, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is the perfect solution for those lazy summer parties, where you don’t want to be stuck inside a function room or ballroom, but want to let it out in the sun, or out on the water.

But why suffer the usual limitations of pre-recorded music sets on an tablet, or a friend randomly chucking out some tunes on his laptop, played over a low-output speakers, when Hong Kong Beat can provide a powerful, quality sound system utilising minimal space, and with the luxury of an experienced DJ to choose and expertly mix the tunes as the party and mood demands, whether it’s for the kids and teens while the adults chill with a few cold ones, or for everybody as the sun goes down and the party gets hotter?

Make the music go from being background to the forefront, and be one of the factors that lifts the party from being fun to memorable, so that your guests talk about it as The Summer 2015 Party.

You can learn more about the set up here that, even in its full format with sound and full standard package light show, can be set up in a mere 2 sq metres, less with a minimal lighting option – a small corner of your garden, patio, marquee, or boat deck. And, even if you just consider having only music delivery, the after dark party mood can certainly be enhanced with simple uplighting (example here), or powerful yet compact lighting effects as well, even in the tightest of spaces, as shown here!

If you’d like to know more about the style of music I play, take a look here.

Get in touch here, to discuss the possibilities.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco quicksteps and foxtrots around the room with jazz crooners and divas

Sunday Selection this week dives into the smoke-filled, whisky glugging speakeasies of jazz crooners and divas, pulling out some classics and great voices from 6 decades of music, reaching back to the 1930s and bringing it up to the 90s.

Just what you need to spin around the dining room on a Sunday in your tails and patent leather pumps…