Don’t want to face Monday? Goof off with lazy songs from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

It’s Monday. There are deadlines, held over from Friday, to meet but, you know, whatever…

Exploring tunes about laziness and doing nothing for Monday Moods.

Poolside, garden, junk or cruiser… Time for those Hong Kong summer parties

With flexibility in options, size and style of set-up, Hong Kong Beat mobile disco is the perfect solution for those lazy summer parties, where you don’t want to be stuck inside a function room or ballroom, but want to let it out in the sun, or out on the water.

But why suffer the usual limitations of pre-recorded music sets on an tablet, or a friend randomly chucking out some tunes on his laptop, played over a low-output speakers, when Hong Kong Beat can provide a powerful, quality sound system utilising minimal space, and with the luxury of an experienced DJ to choose and expertly mix the tunes as the party and mood demands, whether it’s for the kids and teens while the adults chill with a few cold ones, or for everybody as the sun goes down and the party gets hotter?

Make the music go from being background to the forefront, and be one of the factors that lifts the party from being fun to memorable, so that your guests talk about it as The Summer 2015 Party.

You can learn more about the set up here that, even in its full format with sound and full standard package light show, can be set up in a mere 2 sq metres, less with a minimal lighting option – a small corner of your garden, patio, marquee, or boat deck. And, even if you just consider having only music delivery, the after dark party mood can certainly be enhanced with simple uplighting (example here), or powerful yet compact lighting effects as well, even in the tightest of spaces, as shown here!

If you’d like to know more about the style of music I play, take a look here.

Get in touch here, to discuss the possibilities.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco chills out this Tuesday to the sounds of Latin jazz

Best way to enjoy a hot sunny day like today is to be sitting sipping ice cold caipirinhas on Rio’s Ipanema beach, but failing being able to do that, just close your eyes and listen to some soothing Brazilian jazz and bossa nova and let your memories (or imagination) do the rest.

Tuesday Chill-out brings (mostly) Brazilian jazz and bossa nova to the beach.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco digs out some rarities from funky bands for Funky Friday

Last week’s offering of funky bands left out so many good tracks from the 70s that were never far from the turntables in my residency, not so well known, but real shufflers and steppers with a groove, that I had to have a funky bands part 2 for this week’s Funky Friday.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco proves that 60 is the new 29 with this Thumping Thursday house set

The house rocked with this opening set for a 60th birthday party in Shanghai last year, where the youngest person was the barman, and he was over 40!

Dance pop, electrohop and electro-house floor fillers for Thumping Thursday.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco cools off in the summer heat with sultry summer soul, jazz and pop-rock.

With temperatures up in the mid 30s and the sun beating down, time to take the heat off on Tuesday Chillout with some sultry summer tunes.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco Thumping Thursday Eurohouse pool party

90s, love them or hate them, we knew how to party back then, orbital raves, pool splashes, foam parties, beach barbies…

The Eurodance and Eurohouse music of the era reflected this carefree attitude, melding together the nightclub beats of disco, house, techno and trance, with Afro-caribbean rhythms and cheesy pop lyrics, spawning more one-hit wonders than any other decade, well maybe… I probably just made that up, but it certainly seemed that way.

So slip into your boardies, slap on some cream, snap a glostick or two, knock back a Sex on the Beach, chased down by a Slippery Nipple, and hit the foam.

Wild Wednesday gets hot with classic summer rock from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco

Slip the shades on, turn the top down, turn the music up and cruise to your favourite summer hangout with these classic rock tunes for summer.

Hong Kong Beat mobile disco kicks off the flip flops and sinks into a wicker chair at the beach side with cool reggae this Chillout Tuesday

Drop a wedge of lemon and some mint leaves in to the glass, then crack some rum over ice cubes. What, it’s only 8 am you say? Even better for Chillout Tuesday, Jamaica style…

Sunday Selection from Hong Kong Beat mobile disco gets a little exotic with the sounds of North Africa

Jammed between the dry deserts and the hot Mediterranean Sea, artists from countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt, exhibit influences of tribal African, Arabic and Southern European music.

Chill-out with a cool sherbert while the chermoulah lamb sizzles on the bbq this Sunday…