Bar and bat mitzvahs

A bar or bat mitzvah is a very important day in the life of your son or daughter, and at Hong Kong Beat mobile disco we understand that it is also a very important day for the parents, grandparents, family and friends as well, not just from the milestone aspect, but also for making sure every aspect of the event is handled and delivered flawlessly.

If you are celebrating the occasion with a party and need a music solution, let Hong Kong Beat provide you with a top quality look, sound and service to compliment your choice of venue and decor, with the comprehensive Party Package.

From the moment your guests arrive, to the moment they leave, having danced off their feet, Hong Kong Beat selects, mixes and matches the right music to satisfy the mood and tastes of your guests.

Or, if you are having a more simple lunch, reception or supper, or just needing a DJ or lighting, there are suitable packages on the Disco Packages page as well.

These are the kind of music services Hong Kong Beat can provide for your function.

  • Grand entrance – we have a wide selection of fanfare music, and can select songs suitable for the entrance of different people or groups of guests, as you wish.
  • Cocktail background – Hong Kong Beat will keep it subtle on audio level, yet upbeat with music known to all to get feet tapping and fingers snapping for later in the evening, as it’s a happy celebration after all! So, no cheesy elevator music that nobody recognizes! Unless of course, that’s what you want 😉
  • Photo or video montage showcasing the celebrant’s life to this day – Hong Kong Beat is happy to work with you in selecting and mixing a soundtrack to complement the show.
  • Dinner – let’s face it, the younger kids are done eating within ten minutes and just want to play; so if you are perhaps thinking of engaging an entertainer (perhaps we can help you find somebody suitable as well?) to occupy their attention, maybe lead them in games or dances, Hong Kong Beat can provide the music support. If not, then Hong Kong Beat can just play suitable music for them to bop around to and let the adults enjoy their meal and conversation.
  • Want to keep the atmosphere comfy for the adults while the kids jump around? How about a silent disco for this part of the evening? Hong Kong Beat would supply suitable dinner background music, while at the same time playing a soundtrack via wireless headphones that only the kids can hear and jump around to!
  • Candle lighting – Hong Kong Beat can help you select suitable music appropriate to the invitees, whether upbeat or more restrained; and either supply premixed as a continuous set, or played live as the ceremony progresses, for flexibility and better continuity.
  • Hora – if you decide to supply your own music, that’s no problem. But Hong Kong Beat also has a selection of traditional hora and klesmer music if you are happy to leave the selection to us.
  • Special dances – parent/celebrant, host/hostess , or grandparents’ dance, just let Hong Kong Beat know the choice(s) in advance or, if you wish, we can work with you to put together a medley of songs for the special dances.
  • Party time! – finish the function off in a fun celebratory mood and let everybody’s hair down with dance music from anywhere as far back as the 40s perhaps for the older guests, right through to chart hits for the celebrant and his or her friends, and with all music played being screened for inappropriate lyrics and themes by Hong Kong Beat. Plenty of examples of the music Hong Kong Beat delivers on our Mixcloud page.

And, if you have an MC, welcome, toast, motzi, kiddush, or other special announcements to make, Hong Kong Beat will provide a wireless microphone for that purpose or, if you like, we can MC the entire night as well.

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