Kids and teens party

If you’re planning a party for kids, it’s already a big challenge knowing how to keep them occupied and not let them get too out of control, yet have fun for as long as there’s no food to be had!

But a bigger challenge can be how to get them started in the first place, especially for pre-teens and young-teens who can be a little self-conscious – especially the boys!

Well there are lots of ideas for games and dances for all ages, temperaments, and energy levels for you to consider for the start of the party, or to segue into dancing. Loads of ideas for games and dances can be found here – Kids party games.

I have music for all of the dances, and will also prepare and play suitable background music for the games if you like. If you’d like to organise some of these – or other dances – I’m happy to discuss and provide as part of the standard package.

Caution though, while I do bop and boogie behind the decks, I’m not a dance leader. For one thing I look daft in tights and leggings… And anyway I’m needed to play the music, so have to stay with the decks. If you know a parent or friend who knows the dances and is happy to lead, let me coordinate with them on your behalf.  If you don’t know anybody suitable, let me see if I can find a person to help out, though it may be at extra minimal cost.

If you need other forms of entertainment for the kids, I have contacts with a great face painter and, for Christmas, a very convincing Santa! If you have other entertainers, like a magician, clown, juggler or other performer, I’m happy to discuss and coordinate with them should they want to plug their radio mic into the PA system or have other equipment needs provided under the standard package, such as lighting or effects.

Another fantastic and unique idea for a kids party is a silent tram party. Judging from the fun had at a recent one, as well as the happy reactions of the people in the streets and passing trams  as we sang and danced by, it was like holding your very own mini carnivale 🙂

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